Special selection of Solanum Torvum with particular vigour, perfectly suited for eggplant rootstock.
Main added values are: cold tolerance, strong root system that works well also in cold/hot conditions and high yield in every growing season.
Management in the nursery: place trays in the greenhouse to ensure the alternating night/day light regime needed for germination. The optimal temperature is 20°C at night and 26°C during the day. Emergence time is 7 days with primed seeds in summer time. In winter the time can be longer, up to 20 days. In summer, plants are ready for grafting 20 days after sowing. Grafted plants must be planted with grafting point 4 cm above the soil level. Ensure a wide basal ligature to avoid any bottlenecks that may occur in the enlarged stem. It should be considered that the diameter of the stem of the grafted eggplant is significantly greater than an ungrafted eggplant plant. After each production cycle, soil disinfection or solarisation is recommended in order to limit disease. High resistance to (HR): Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melongenae (Fom) Verticillium dahlie (Vd). Intermediate resistance to (IR): Nematodi (MaMiMj); Ralstonia solanacearum (Rs); Pyrenochaeta licopersici (Pl).

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