Special rootstock selection of Solanum torvum, very compact and vigorous, the most suitable for eggplant.
It is characterized by:
• High tolerance to cold and temperatures leaps.
• High root incorporation ability even at low temperatures.
• Great yield performance throughout the harvesting time.
• Fruit organoleptic qualities don’t change.
• Significant yield increase.
It is recommended to do as follows:

Growth in nursery: It’s necessary to place the containers in air-conditioned greenhouse to ensure light/dark succession because of its photo period sensitivity. The best temperature for germination is 26-20 °C between day/night. The growing time at ideal temperature is 20 days. The plant is ready for grafting 20 days after the full growth that is 40 days after planting. It is recommended to plant the eggplant graft 10 days after rootstock. High affinity and easy grafting.

Growth in open field: At planting ensure that the graft remains 4 cm above the soil surface in order to avoid the graft releasing phenomenon. Ensure a wide baseline ligature to avoid possible constrictions during the enlargement of the stem. We must consider that the eggplant grafted trunk diameter is significantly greater than a not grafted eggplant. After every productive cycle it is recommended to disinfect the soils to limit, in future, the increase of pathogens.

Technological innovation: Energized seed: good germination with 8 days emergency and uniform size.

High resistance (HR)to: Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. melongenae (Fom)
Intermediate resistance (IR) to: Meloidogine incognita (Mi): nematodes; Ralstonia solanacearum (Rs); Pyrenochaeta licopersici (PI), radice suberosa, Verticillium dahlie (Vd).

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