Cylindrical shaped fruits with well-rounded blossom end and uniform clusters. Average size of 18-22 g, 40-45 mm in length with a diameter of 25 mm. They turn quickly to bright red at full ripening.
Fruits are very tasty, thanks also to the high sugar content.
Excellent tolerance to cracking.
The clusters are single or double, with thick and compact stem. Clusters consist of 12-14 fruits arranged in a regular herringbone pattern.
Fruit setting is excellent during the different planting periods, both in low and high temperature conditions; this quality enables use in all periods of cultivation.
Plants are indeterminate, medium vigorous, with open leaf covering and short internodes. Very short cycle. High resistance (HR) to Verticillium (V), Fusarium (Fol 1,2), Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) and intermediate resistance (IR) to Nematodes (MaMiMj).

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