PLINIO (TOL 2163) F.1*

Elongated tomato variety for loose harvesting at ripening stage or when fully red, with resistance to TSWV and Nematodes. Very attractive fruits, much appreciated for their glossy colour at the turning stage, very uniform shape of 9 cm long and 4.5 cm in diameter, weighing 140- 150 g, with high tolerance to blossom-end rot and blotches. Plinio has good flavour, thick flesh and small seed cavities, with good firmness and shelf life that make it easy to pack for long transportation. Plants have a short cycle, are well-balanced and very generative, guaranteeing a high yield. Suitable for spring-summer as well overwinter crops. High resistance (HR) to Verticillium (V), Fusarium (Fol 1,2), Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV) and intermediate resistance (IR) to Tomato spotted wild virus (TSWV) and Nematodes (MaMiMj).